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Our customers are amazed by how effective HeatSaver is! You can enjoy your fire pit much further into the fall with HeatSaver

Available in 28", 34" and 36" sizes

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What is a HeatSaver?

HeatSaver is an innovative and unique product that takes the heat from your fire pit and distributes it out 360 degrees. This means you are taking all of the wasted heat that goes straight up (that is what heat does) and giving it back to yourself.

Why do I need a HeatSaver???

Here is what you get

A heat deflector that distributes your heat laterally 360 degrees from your fire pit

Light weight and portable so you can take HeatSaver camping, RVing, or the beach

HeatSaver acts as a fire pit cover when not in use, protecting your equipment

HeatSaver reduces the amount of fuel you need to burn, helping the environment and saving you some money

HeatSaver can act as a wind block, directing the heat in the direction you desire

Easy setup, no tools required, extendable legs for height adjustment

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HEAT? - Solving the Fire Pit Problem

Most people don't realize that when they turn on their fire pit that they are just sending all of their heat straight up, the path of least resistance. So we created HeatSaver to catch your heat and give it back to you.

Our patent pending technology forces the heat you generate to be spread out horizonatally in all directions, giving you more warmth and less waste.

Our reflective dish is specifically designed to push the heat from your fire pit back out towards you. You no longer need to turn your fire pit on full blast and then stand on top of it to keep warm.

We have dishes from 28" to 36" to meet your needs.

Built-in fire pits

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More warmth.......

HeatSaver increases the enjoyment and warmth you get from your gas fire pit. Most of the heat that your fire pit generates goes straight up and is only heating the moon. With HeatSaver, the heat from your fire pit is distributed laterally in every direction. This keeps you, your family and your friends warmer and more comfortable when you are enjoying the outdoors. HeatSaver is light and portable, so you can use it in the backyard or take it camping with you. The legs are adjustable so you can adjust the height of the dish to work in a number of operating environments. You can even tilt the dish by lowering one leg so that the dish can act as a wind block.

More social......

Enjoy more time outside with your friends and family in a warm and safe environment. Being cooped up inside this past year, either alone or with others has been a bit of a struggle. We are happy to provide you with an environment that both keeps you social and safe.

More fun.......

We look to share the warmth with your friends and family, whether it is at home or while camping. HeatSaver is very portable so you can take it with you when you leave home. It works great with portable fire pits and the adjustable legs allow for HeatSaver to work with several different fire pit set ups.

Increase your social skills

Enjoy the outdoor evening longer into the night and into the season

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