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People sitting around a fire pit that uses HeatSaver heat deflector and cover
Group of people enjoying around a fire pit equipped with HeatSaver heat deflector
Friends gathered around a fire pit featuring HeatSaver heat deflector
HeatSaver fire pit heat deflector on a patio table, wine glasses nearby
HeatSaver fire pit heat deflector and cover positioned on a deck
HeatSaver fire pit heat deflector and cover in a backyard setting with lights
A couple sitting near a fire pit that has a HeatSaver heat deflector
HeatSaver is the perfect complement to your gas fire pit!!! HeatSaver allows you to: Spread the heat from your fire pit further out to those sitting around it Lower the amount of fuel you use and still get more heat Save money on the expensive propane Reduces the number of times you need to refill your propane tank.

HeatSaver - 32" Fire Pit Heat Deflector / Reflector / Shield and Fire Pit Cover

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Introducing the HeatSaver - a revolutionary 32" fire pit heat deflector, reflector, and shield! This versatile accessory, made in California for outdoor enthusiasts like us, is perfect for your gas fire pit. It extends the heat radius, saving fuel and reducing propane consumption. When not in use, it doubles as a fire pit cover to protect from the elements. Light, portable, and adjustable, HeatSaver is ideal for backyard gatherings or camping trips. Plus, it's a conversation-starter that will amaze your friends and family. Check out our reviews and grab yours at for an unforgettable fire pit experience!